Episode Six: Susan Elizabeth Shepard

In this episode, I talk to journalist and sex worker, Susan Shepard. We discuss many topics, including: writing about sex, strip club audiences, the nature of performance in the sex work context, body image, boobs, and vaginas. Fun talk with lots of interesting tidbits.

Susan’s website

Susan’s twitter

Tits and Sass

Susan and Charlotte Shane’s piece: Abolish 69

Episode Five: Dr. Ann Cvetkovich

For the 5th episode, I interviewed Professor of English and Women’s and Gender Studies at UT Austin, Ann Cvetkovich. Many topics are discussed: Ann’s research, including her book, “Depression: A Public Feeling;”  conceptions of embodiment, including bridging the gap between academia and real world experience; and reconciling the idea of depression as something both private and public.

Ann’s website

Ann’s book, Depression: A Public Feeling

Episode One: Meghan McCarron

Welcome to the BodPod, the podcast where you talk about your body!

In this introductory episode of The BodPod, I talk to writer, editor, foodie, cyclist, and all-around cool human, Meghan McCarron. We talk about things like weird bodies, queerness, and cycling. In Part 2, we discuss bodies in the context of Spike Jonze’s “Her.” Enjoy!