Bodies are weird and wonderful, chaotic and unpredictable, beautiful and unique, and contain the entirety of our lives – they are the fundamental vehicle through which we experience the world. Who we are is informed by these experiences. The way that we talk about our bodies, therefore, reflects the way we conceive culture and the way it conceives us. Because bodies are the most immediate and personal way we have of engaging in the world around us, our bodies can help us engage with meaningful conversations within the culture that our bodies thrive.

In my experience, conversation about systemic oppression or any sort of political/cultural struggle that seems impenetrable often leads to the question of what we can ultimately do to affect change when the odds seem stacked against us. The answer always seems to lie in personal and local actions, the embodiment of practices you preach and believe within your community, however small that community may be. What is more personal than the body? What is more political than the body?

The Bodpod seeks to engage in conversations about your body, the bodies around you, how this informs who you are and your conception of the world in hopes that small conversations can lead to big ideas and new understandings about ourselves and each other.

If you live in the Austin area and are interested in being interviewed, or if you have any general comments or inquiries, please email thebodpodcast@gmail.com.

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